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The Carmichael Leadership Award honors young professionals who demonstrate a strong propensity toward ethical leadership. Named for Dr. David B. Carmichael, a professor at Oklahoma City University who started the first student ethics chapter in Oklahoma, this award is intended to promulgate his efforts to mentor and promote ethical principles among young adults.

A.  Eligibility:

  1. The nominee must be within the ages of 25 – 35 years at the time of OK Ethics Annual Awards Program. (September 16, 2020)
  2. The nominee must have worked for his or her current employer for at least two years prior to the date of the Awards Program.
  3. The nomination must be made and supported by an authorized representative of the nominee’s organization, such as the nominee’s supervisor or another manager within the nominee’s organization. (See required documentation in the following sections of this award application. No self-nominations will be accepted.)
  4. The nomination form and all supplemental documentation must be complete and received by the established deadline.  
  5. Nominees are responsible for ensuring that the OK Ethics Awards Selection Team has received the nomination form and all required documentation. 
  1. Criteria: 
    1. Integrity at Work: 
      1. Inspires others to act with integrity by modeling positive character traits such as honesty, dependability, respect and humility.  
      2. Willing to speak truth to power, with diplomacy and an attitude of helpfulness.
      3. Builds trust within the organization and projects a positive, ethical model among all stakeholders.
    2. Mentoring Abilities:
      1. Special attention will be given to candidates taking the initiative to assist with initiatives on campus that directly relate building  good character of Oklahoma’s youth, such as assisting with university and/or high school ethics bowls.
      2. Beyond the traditional sense of tutoring, how has this individual fostered good character within his/her own organization or on school campuses?
    3. Purpose Driven:
      1. Demonstrates a genuine commitment to a higher purpose by assuming leadership roles that require personal sacrifice in order to achieve a greater good for their community.  This is truly about good works – not just good PR.
      2. An especially important consideration is service to the community, such as spearheading charitable, environmental or other initiatives that enhance the quality of life for others.
    4. Inclusive:
      Teamwork involves working with a diverse group of individuals who may hold different political ideology or diverse ethnic, cultural and generational backgrounds.  
  1. Candidate should possess a strong willingness to help others and make efforts to collaborate 
  2. Contributes to an organizational culture of respect.
  3. Recognizes the value of others’ contributions toward the achievement of honorable goals.

Applications for the 2021 Awards are closed.

Oklahoma Business Ethics Consortium

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