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"Science & Technology: Creating Benefits to Society Using Standards of Excellence" - January 2017, Michael Carolina


Note:  The OKC presentations for April (Awards) and May were not videotaped.   Please view the Tulsa Chapter's videos for additional programs.

"Connections: Ethical Aspects of Relationship Building"- March 2016

"Positivity & Ethical Decision Making" - Dr. Nathan Mellor - Feb 2016

"Ethics: Impact on Happiness & Economics"  - Jan 2016



"Truthfulness, Fairness, & Standards of Decency: Perspectives on Ethics from Media Leaders" - Nov 2015

"Preserving a Culture of Integrity" - Oct 2015

"New Generation Ethics: Naval Leadership Lessons" presented by CDR Arthur Gibb, III, USN, Ph.D - Aug 2015

2015 OK Ethics Awards - Full Program - May 2015


"The Most Challenging Healing" - Bruce Lawrence, President and CEO & Beth Pauchnik, R.N., J.D. - INTEGRIS Health - April 2015


"Virtues of a Master Executive" - David Woods, CEO and Brent Douglas, President, GiANT Partners - March 2015


 "The Reactor Factor: Ethical Responses to Challenges in the Workplace" - Marsha Petrie Sue - February 2015


"Ethics on Trial" - Jim Priest, Charlie Plumb, Stephen Ellis, Ph.D., Rev. Linda Brinkworth, and Justice Noma Gurich - January 2015 



OKC Chapter 2014 Member and Volunteer Honors - November 2014

Statewide Student Ethics Challenge Awards - Shannon Hiebert - November 2014

"Moral Business Through Ethical Competency" - Ron Paul Hill, PhD.- November 2014

"Culture, Ethics and Business Performance" - Doug Lawler - October 2014

"Healthy Ethical Choices" - Dr. Stephen Prescott - September 2014

Best Practices Symposium/ Education Panel - August 2014

"Rungs and Wrongs" - Ray Sanders - May 2014

2014 Statewide OK Ethics Awards - Paula Marshall -  April 2014

"Trust, Teamwork, and Thunderdog's Triumph"  - Michael Hingson - April 2014

"Lesson's From the Greatest Generation"Dave Lopez - March 2014

"Spiritual Intelligence: Leadership Edge" - Gael O'Brien - January 2014



"You Were Never Called To Be Normal" - Warren Martin - December 2013

"A Look Back" OK Ethics 10 year Anniversary Video - November 2013

"The Trust Deficit: Breaking the Code of Silence" - Keith Darcy - September 2013   

"Conquering Life's Curves" - Ed Hearn - October 2013 



Harry Paul, author of Fish! speaks to OKC Chapter - November 2012

Student Ethics Challenge Winner 2012



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