Brand and Logo Standards

Branding &
Mission Tools:




Event Programs


Agendas must be provided for every meeting.

These printed materials should include central announcements pertinent to the statewide initiative and mission, in addition to local interest.

Must consistently include mention of upcoming events & recognition of volunteers’ efforts.


Agenda Banner

To provide for a consistent image, the standard banner provided by the Board (VP of PR) honoring Navigator and Star members should be used at the top of the first page of the agenda.



Agenda Fonts


Arial Black for headers, Arial for copy


Times New Roman


Agenda Photocopies


Copies generated directly from digital file to ensure highest quality



OK Ethics

Compatible colors for enhancement of and coordination with print  materials.


Because OK Ethics was founded on the values of Oklahomans, the colors in our logo were selected to honor the French blue background of our state flag.

See also “Logo – OK Ethics” – this is a trademarked item and should not be altered.

Blue:  C100, M34, Y7, Ko




Note that the color of the flag PMS is French Blue (PMS - 285c) , not a CMK as listed above.  Care should be taken when converting from a PMS to the desired CMK.

Logo (Members)

Logos for use on agendas, website and program promotions.

Leaders should ensure that members’ logos are presented in the best possible format, commensurate with the company’s level of support and their organization’s requirements.  (This includes OK Ethics’ pre-meeting slide shows, print programs and agendas – wherever we have an opportunity to honor our supporters.)

Please take great care in the presentation and use of member logos. Some have restrictions about colors and borders that we must respect.

Before using members' logos (except as specified for use in agenda templates), committee chairs and volunteers should consult with the person responsible for the display of members' logos, Shannon Warren, or the Vice President of Public Relations, Kellian Schneider at  [email protected]


Logo (OK Ethics)

Logos for use on agendas and program promotions.


OK Ethics trademarked logos are available for download. USE IS STRICTLY LIMITED TO THE PROMOTION OF OK ETHICS EVENTS & MEMBERSHIP RECRUITMENT/RETENTION EFFORTS as designated by the OK Ethics Board of Directors.

Special permission for other usage may be obtained by contacting Please contact Kelli Schneider on the OK Ethics Board of Directors for permission to use the logo and electronic access.  She can be reached at (405) 570-7730 or via email at [email protected]

In all OK Ethics materials (published online or in print), the official logo is to be used and must be presented in it’s approved format.

To ensure brand consistency, 

Do not adjust the logo by rotating, re-coloring or adding special effects.  In fact, any changes must be approved by the OK Ethics Board.  Note that this is a registered trademark owned by OK Ethics.

Click here for the Graphics page that has our Color Logo, Grayscale Logo, Black & White Logo and the Tulsa Chapter Logo



Table-top signage is present on reserved tables including OK Ethics brand as well as members' logos


Please refer to standards related to use of OK Ethics’ and member logos.


Billboards and other advertising

Must be pre-approved in advance by the OK Ethics Governing Board of Directors.


Oklahoma Business Ethics Consortium Accessibility Policy

Oklahoma Business Ethics Consortium is committed to facilitating the accessibility of its website and events for all people. Please be aware that our efforts to ensure website accessibility are ongoing. If you at any time have specific questions or concerns about the accessibility of any particular web page, please contact our Member Care Coordinator [email protected] and (405) 558-1193.  

Information about membership and events may be obtained by contacting OK Ethics at [email protected] and (405) 558-1193.

If you are interested in attending an event and need an accommodation to attend or participate in the event, please contact  OK Ethics at [email protected] and (405) 558-1193 as soon as possible but at  least five business days prior to the event.