OK ETHICS Consortium Board of Directors



    DR. NATHAN MELLOR, Ed. D.  - Chairman of the Board

    President, Strata Leadership

    PO Box 3174
    Oklahoma City, OK 73101-3174
    Phone (405) 815-0001

Considered one of America’s expert communicators, Dr. Nathan Mellor is the President of Strata Leadership. A captivating storyteller, he is recognized for his ability to connect at the heart level with a wide range of audiences. A trusted advisor to executives and influencers, he has an uncanny ability to inspire, clarify and motivate individuals and groups.

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   Service Since 03/01/2019



    SHANNON HIEBERT - Founding Member

    SEED Foundation CO- President (Oklahoma City)

Shannon Co-President of SEED Foundation and is also retired Vice President of Human Resources for Enterprise Holdings  and while there, she covered several  states, is based out of Oklahoma City.  

Service since 2003 - View Shannon's Board Service Here



    Tulsa Chapter Leader
    Vice President of Organizational Spirituality & Fun/ Program Chairman

    CEO, Career Development Partners

    (918) 293-0500
[email protected]

As a CEO of an internationally-connected organization, Travis brings a broad base of insights and experience to the leadership of OK Ethics.  Travis was nominated to the Board not only because of his wisdom, but also because he has a heart for doing the right thing for our great state!

Service since 2014 - View Travis' Board Service Here




    Managing Member of David Mayfield CPA, PLLC
    (Oklahoma City)

    (405) 834-5846  
    [email protected]

David is the managing member of David Mayfield CPA, PLLC providing outsourced CFO services to several companies.  David provides and directs the treasury function of OK Ethics and is responsible for the Consortium’s financial statements, record-keeping  and budgeting.  He was honored in 2011 for his five years of dedicated service to OK Ethics. 

Service since 2006 - View David's Board Service Here



    Director of Risk Management & Broker

    (Oklahoma City)


Brandon was invited to join the OK Ethics Board of Directors because of his extensive business experience, knowledge of insurance requirements, congeniality and problem solving skills. Before joining Devon, Brandon played for the St. Louis cardinals after graduating from Kansas State.  He also achieved an MBA from OCU. 

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Service since 2016 - View Brandon's Board Service Here



    Vice President, Public Relations

    Manager of Technology Innovation, 
    Kimray, Inc.

    (Oklahoma City)

    (405) 525-6601
    [email protected]

Daniel Yunker serves as the Manager of Technology Innovation at Kimray, Inc. Yunker is responsible for the evaluating technology and its application throughout the company to improve revenue and efficiencies. He is also responsible for the training of technology and business intelligence across the organization.

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  Service since 2014 - View Daniel's Board Service Here



    Founding Member

    McAfee & Taft 

    (Oklahoma City)

c/o McAfee Taft; Tenth Floor, Two Leadership Square
211 N. Robinson, Oklahoma City, OK 73102-7103
(405) 235-9621
Fax: (405) 235-0439 
[email protected]

A "go to" person in the area of legal ethics, Myrna attended the second meeting ever held in this organization, back in 2003. In fact, she was one of OK Ethics' first presenters and her white paper can be found in the Articles & Press area of our website. (See "The Role of Lawyers in Corporate Responsibility") We are deeply grateful for Myrna's service as she keeps a very busy schedule in her role as attorney/shareholder for one of Oklahoma's most prestigious law firms.

Service since 2005 - View Myrna's Board Service Here



   President and CEO, Goodwill Industries of Central Oklahoma

    (Oklahoma City)

     Phone (405) 202-8863


A founding member of OK Ethics in 2003, Jim participated in building the vision by sharing his time, insights and talents as a gifted presenter and expert on the topic of ethics.  The Board unanimously appointed Jim to the Board in December, 2016.  He served about six months as Chairperson through February, 2018.

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Service since 2016 - View Jim's Board Service Here





    JANICE DOBBS - Founding Member
    Director Emeritus (Non-voting member); Founding Member

    Retired Vice President, Devon Energy Corporation

    (Oklahoma City)

    Phone (405) 203-8253
    [email protected]

Janice is the former Vice President of Corporate Governance and Corporate Secretary for Devon Energy. As an original member of OK Ethics beginning in December; 2003, Janice has been a guiding light in the development of this organization. Her company lead the way as OK Ethics' first Navigator member when that option was initially offered in 2007. Early on, she joined forces with other energy companies to offer our first panel presentation in 2004

Service since 2007 - Regrettably, the document indicating her long service to OK Ethics was inadvertently lost during the transition to a new web platform.



    LYNN FLINN - Founding Member

    Tulsa Chapter Founder

    President & Managing Partner, 
    The Rowland Group


c/o The Rowland Group
3851 S. 103 E Ave.
Tulsa, OK 74146
(918) 836-1900 ext. 127
[email protected]

Lynn is President of a prominent staffing group in Tulsa that specializes in accounting and finance placements. Additionally, she is a franchisee of EWF International and provides peer advisory groups for women executives and women business owners.

Founder of Tulsa Chapter since 2003; moved to Emeritus status in September, 2017 - View Lynn's Board Service Here



    Past President, State Council
    Oklahoma Business Ethics Consortium & 
    Director Emeritus (Non-voting member)

    Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, Dean McGee Eye          
Institute (Oklahoma City)

(405) 271-5214
[email protected]

Garyl was nominated to the OK Ethics Board because of his loyalty to the organization, belief in our mission and his executive acumen.

Service since 2008 - View Garyl's Board Service Here


    Director Emeritus (Non-voting Member)

    Managing Director, Junior League of Oklahoma City
    (Oklahoma City) 

    Phone: (405) 570-7730

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Kellian brings experience in non-profit management, business development and strategic planning.  She is currently serving as the Managing Director of the Junior League of Oklahoma City, an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women and improving the community through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers.

Service since 2007 - View Kellian's Board Service Here