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Student Ethics Challenge 2011

Sat Oct 29, 2011 9:00 AM


OK Ethics - Statewide Student Ethics Challenge

Oklahoma Christian University

Saturday, October 29, 2010:  8:00 a.m. -1:00 p.m.


Many thanks to our Navigator and Star Members whose earmarked funds from dues help support our student initiatives! 

Also, we deeply appreciate the time being donated by our esteemed group of judges for the competition:

Rev. Ray Belford, First Christian Church

Tony Blasier, Chesapeake Energy

Rev. Linda Brinkworth, St. Luke's United Methodist Church

M. Scott Carter, The Journal Record

Keith Chappell, Boeing

Young Chappell, Boeing

Greg Dewey, SandRidge Energy

Carolyn Elliott, Express Professionals

Shad Glass, Kimray, Inc.

Joy S. LaBar, Sandridge Energy

Doyle Paden, Retired - Cherokee Nation Enterprises

David Prater, Oklahoma District Attorney's Office

Brian Rice, Ideal Homes

Becky Robinson, Hobby Lobby

Jack Rosenberg, Chesapeake Energy

Colin Schoonover, Oklahoma Natural Gas

Edith Steele, Secure Evaluations and Consulting

Linda Streun, Ideal Homes

Joe Walker, Wilbanks Securities

Mary Whitson, SandRidge Energy


  • Teams must be registered (below) by noon on October 7, 2011.  Only undergraduate students may participate in the competition.
  • The Registration Fee of $50 is payable to OK Ethics Foundation and will be collected in order to offset the costs for refreshments and other expenses incurred by the host school.   You may collect this from your students or pay from your school funds.  Please make checks payable to "OK Ethics Foundation" and mail to:

OK Ethics Foundation

PO Box 3174

Oklahoma City, OK 73101

  • Regional Cases were made available by September 13, 2011 at  The cases for State Competition will be selected from these.
  • The top three scoring (Oklahoma) teams will receive funding from the OK Ethics Foundation to travel to San Antonio, TX for the Regional Student Ethics Bowl as follows:
Team Ranking Travel Funding


    1st Place       $2500          
    2nd Place       $1500          
    3rd Place       $500          
  • We need a total of either 12 or 16 teams, OK Ethics will place teams in the competition on a first come, first served basis. We will do our best to recruit extra teams for the correct number if possible.


  • The Foundation will host the students and advisors of these three teams at dinner.

  • We encourage all teams to pursue competing in the Regional bowl.  There is NOT a requirement to win at the State level to participate; only for Foundation funding.  Therefore we would love to see Oklahoma schools represented by many teams participating!

    Student Ethics Challenge 2010 Rules

Click here to register

Location: Oklahoma Christian University

For more information:

Contact: Shannon Warren
Phone: 405-858-2233
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